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Nov 7, 2022

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Dieser Podcast ist eine Aufzeichnung eines Reatch Live-Events, welcher mit Zoom aufgezeichnet wurde. Da es sich um eine Aufzeichnung handelt, kannst du natürlich nicht mehr live kommentieren.


Dr. Marcel Salathé is professor of digital epidemiology at EPFL. He regularly worked at the interface of science and politics as a member of the former Swisscovid Taskforce and is Co-Founder of CH++, a political organization with the aim to foster the scientific and technological competences of politics, administration and society.

Dr. Tanja Rechnitzer is a scientific researcher at the Leibniz University Hannover and board member of the scientific think tank “Reatch! Research. Think. Change.” One of Tanja Rechnitzer’s research focuses as a philosopher is the role of experts and expert knowledge in democratic society.

Dr. Cyril Brunner is scientific researcher in climate physics at ETH Zürich. He is involved in a number of national and cantonal climate strategies and is part of the scientific advisory council of the glacier initiative, which aims to write the domestic net zero greenhouse gas emissions target into law.

Dr. Caspar Hirschi is professor of general history at the University of St. Gallen. He has extensively worked on the different roles of scientific experts and intellectuals in society from the time of enlightenment to modern day.

Dr. Anaïs Tilquin was until recently a scientific researcher in evolutionary biology but is now working as an activist for the organization “Renovate Switzerland”, which uses methods of civil disobedience in its fight against climate change.

The discussion was held in English and was moderated by Servan Grüninger, President of Reatch and member of the Swiss Young Academy, and Kevin Thomas, neuroscientist at the University of Fribourg and member of Reatch Romandie.

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